Our Mission Statement

Raising the standard of paranormal investigation through information, objectivity, and critical thinking. By eliminating the paranormal taboo, we reduce anxiety and embrace it, since it suggests our loved ones are still with us.

Nobody should be frightened of their own home

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Our team of investigators has done hundreds of investigations in a variety of haunted settings. We have a strong background in problem solving, using objectivity, applying critical thinking, and employing a number of methods to identify conventional and paranormal explanations for strange events. We have a decade of experience.



Our investigator training includes parapsychology training from the Rhine Research Institute, the premier authority in anomalous phenomenon. We've trained in subjects such as Critical Thinking, Skepticism, and the Psychology of Paranormal Belief. We have individuals with serious and current skills in every area, from the client interview to the final evidence assessment. We may consult with additional professionals to offer more specialized analyses as needed.


Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

Our staff wishes to assist you in living and working without fear. There is no charge for investigations because they help us develop our understanding and add to paranormal theory. . From the interview to the location inspection, planning, execution, and evidential evaluation, we take our time with the paranormal investigation process. Terrell Paranormal will present you with their best, most knowledgeable assessment of the issue at hand and will advise you on the most efficient ways to deal with what is happening to you.

Giving You Back Your Power

Once we have a greater understanding of your situation, we return power to you by providing realistic suggestions. Most hauntings can be dealt with by the home owner using easy tactics to reclaim your place.

Current Techniques and Equipment

Terrell Paranormal Team employs cutting-edge technology and methodologies while also relying on tried-and-true approaches when necessary. We undertake control experiments, analyze independent evidence, and discuss our findings as a group. Following that, we will present our findings to you and discuss our speculations.