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 Services Include:

The Terrell Ghost Walk: Regular and Private Tours

Pre-Screened, Legitimate, and Accurate Psychic Mediums

Certification Courses for Paranormal Investigators of All Levels and for Personal Enrichment (Coming in October)

Paranormal-Related Retail Products (Online retail store will be up soon. Swing by the office to browse our small retail section prior to any event.)


Pro-Bono Paranormal Investigations


Paranormal Investigators Serving the Dallas and East Texas Area

  • Faminly-run team that uses specialists in all fields, as needed, for each case, including Mediums, Engineers, and Police Detectives in order to gain the best information from your specific case.
  • Cases are reviewed at length before determined if it is necessary for a full investiations.
  • Sate of the art equipment is used in the field.
  • All cases are discussed at length, and set to a vote, before a conclusion is determined,
  • All investigators that work with Terrell Paranormal are required to do a certain number of investigations before they are eligible to work with us, undergo a criminal background check, are required to uphold a Standards of Conduct, Confidentiality, and Liability Agreement, and peer-reviewed, vetted, and screened by the core team prior to attending any case. 
  • This is a serious business to us. No one should be forced to live in their home frightened.
  • Our team is knowledgable in the basic theory of paranormal investigation procedures, critical thinking, disproving evidence, and collection of evidence to prevent contamination problems
  • A full interview and control study of each location is conducted prior to each investigation.

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Philosophy of Balance: Merging Theory & Science when Approaching the Paranormal

  • Our team uses a combination of scientic measurement, control studies, etc, with the appropriately-trained experts, (engineers, scientists, clergy, policy, historians, etc)
  • We also use a ballanced group of individuals who have backgrounds in less alternative therories such as Mediums, Cryptozoologists, Energy Practictioners, UFOlogists, etc.
  • Both views are taken into considered when reviewing evidence.
  • A dual approach has leas us to find the best result.

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 Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services. 972-546-7536 (voice only) or 469-414-2199 (text and after hours cell phone) If you receive a voice recording please do not be discouraged. Your call is important to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more up-to-date information and specials. Join our email list for more information.

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