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Steve the mediumSteve, Clairvoyant/Medium

"How we perceive our role in this world impacts our openness to receiving the Divine gifts that are inherent to each one of us. Perhaps the greatest gifts we have are to show love, compassion, and to help one another."  - Steve


Steve offers private, group, and gallery sessions.  He is also available for those who have the gift of sight and want to explore their talent further.


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Savanna, Clairvoyant/MediumSavanna Web


"Being able to experience the energy of a person and the energy of the loved ones with them is an incredible

gift. I truly enjoy being able to give someone the validation they need."  -Savanna


Savanna offers private sessions and is an experience tarot card reader. (Cards used only if requested by the client).  Savanna was a tour guide for a haunted tour in San Diego and she had numerous encounters with the spirits on the tour. 


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Dayton WebDayton, Empath/Medium (Apprentice)


"Growing up I just always thought I was socially akward. I didn't understand what I was experiencing.  I just knew that others didn't experience the same things.  Developing my skills has become a priority for me. I want to use them in the most effective way possible to help others."  -Dayton


Dayton is currently fine-tuning his skills so he can one day provide professional readings. Although his impressions are extremely accurate he is learning to verbalize his impressions to the client. Currently, he takes appointments for practice at no charge (donations are appreciated but not necessary).


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