Jobs with Terrell Paranormal

Do you have special skills or abilities that would benefit our team?

Even though we are not actively seeking new members or contractors, we always review resumes for those with experience beneficial to the team. We are always considering candidates for the following positions:

Paranormal Investigators 
For applicants who want to be considered for the paranormal team, Paranormal investigation experience is highly desired but not necessary.  Other skills (audio/visual skills, engineering knowledge, research experience, etc) are deemed beneficial to the process of paranormal investigation and are considered)
This is a volunteer position.
Applicant must have basic computer skills and have a functional personal computer for evidence review
Mediums and Clairvoyants
(Apprenticeship opportunities for the right individual. We require training with our featured Medium, Steve, if you have no prior experience.  This is done at the cost of the applicant and is still no guarantee of employment.)


Tour Guides

Office Staff

Social Media Experts

For all positions send a resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All applicants considered must complete the following:
Interview with the Lead Investigator or Director of Operations
Interview with the Terrell Paranormal Team
Must submit to a criminal background check
Must submit at least 3 non-related references (Letters of recommendation are a plus)
Has to sign an agreement of confidentiality and a strict Standards of Professional Conduct
Must carry your own liability insurance or sign a waiver of liability

terrell chamber jobsThank you for your inquiry!  If you are interested in seeking additional job leads in the Terrell area we recommend that you visit the Chamber of Commerce or City of Terrell for a listing of available positions: