About terrell Paranormal...

S.P.I.R.I.T. Serving the City of Terrell, Kaufman, and Dallas County

We work with those who may be experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and businesses.

We are a family-based team of 3 generations and we work with other ancillary, seasoned investigators and Mediums for a multi-disciplinary approach to our cases. 

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Our Goals:

  • Determine the most likely cause activity through the use of scientific and metaphysical tools,
  • Remove the fear of being in your home or business,
  • Give you back a sense of control,
  • Provide you with practical tools to use

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We believe paranormal activity is proof that our loved ones are still with us and should be embraced and not be feared.

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About our Team:

  • We have been investigating paranormal activity in the Dallas and Kaufman area since 2012;
  • Started as a family activity after they had their own personal experience with the paranormal,
  • Uses a multi-disciplined team with investigators that are qualified for your specific case,
  • Uses a combination of theoretically-based and scientifically-based equipment;
  • Works first to disprove the paranormal as the cause of the issue;
  • Has a wide arrange of disciplines in the paranormal from photography to mediumship and critical thinking and skepticism training;
  • Before any incident is considered paranormal we must verify multiple layers of potential evidence first
  • All potential evidence is reviewed independently by each investigator and then the group meets to make a final decision.


Contact us at 972-546-7536 with any questions you may have.  All information is kept confidential and there is never any charge for investigations or consultations.