We can explain... the entire team was abducted by aliens... well, not exactly

Any frustration you may have experienced over the past few months reaching us we apologize for. You are truly treasured guests and we want you to know that we want a chance to earn back your trust.  We are still a company of honesty, integrity, and transparency but our circumstances unexpectedly change.

Brenda, our company's owner, had two spine surgeries last year to repair some breaks.  Due to her already fragile health she experienced several strokes as an unexpected complication.  She is still currently working on learning to walk again but the progress has been very encouraging and we do fully to expect to resume the Terrell Ghost Walk on 09/15/2018.

We also have moved back to our home office for now as the wonderful and magnificant, Morgan Miller, sold his agency so he could pursue some of his life-long interests. We are going to miss our building, Morgan, and Leah but we are so happy for this unexpected opportunity for him and we know that Morgan will be successful in all of his endeavors. 

Please stay tuned for updates. As always, we are active on Facebook or you can contact us above.  We do appreciate your patience during this time and your continued encouragement.  We truly have the best group of customers any business could ask for and we thank you for sticking by us during this difficult, but temporary, time. In the end, lessons of humility and a greater understanding of the human condition will help us live even better lives.

Godspeed and God Bless,
Brenda and the Terrell Paranormal Team