Here are a few of the photographs captured DURING our tour and submitted by our guests. Be sure to come and see if you can photograph something ghost-like on the Terrell Ghost Walk. (Click on any photo to see it enlarged)

Just a note: As a rule, our paranormal team does not comment on whether they believe a photo is paranormal. We didn't take the photo ourselves and cannot attest to the circumstances. However, we have found our guests often catch 'intriguing' photos.

Another note: We are so appreciative of our guests for submitting these goodies. Unfortunately, we had a system malfunction with our computer and the names of each photographer was eliminated. If you see a photograph that you took, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can make sure you get the credit you deserve. Thank you again!!!!!

Do you have a Terrell Ghost Walk ghost photograph to submit? Send it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



We often have reports of a young girl that we call 'Lizzie'. The business owner was shown this photo and she, who has seen Lizzie with her own eyes in her business on multiple occasions, believes that this is indeed her. 
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ghost picture photo

The Iris Theater is one of our favorite venues for our events, partially because it is so active. Personally, I cannot sit in the theater for much longer than a couple of hours due to the continually dropping barometric pressure causing joint pain. (Of course, it doesn't stop me from catching all of the Vagabond Player Troupe's plays). This mist has been captured many times in the black box theatre. We are not sure if it is a combination of the unique theater lighting and dust or if it's something more spirit-like. You be the judge.
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Ghost Photo

This photo was taken, by a guest, from standing outside of the Carnegie Building looking up at the window. What was intriguing about this photo is that whatever the orb-shaped object was it was obviously inside of the building. We have no direct explanation for this ourselves. We leave it up to you to decide.
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ghost photos dallas terrell ghost walk
I'm not sure about you guys but I swear this ghostly figure is mooning us. We are not responsible for the manners (or lack thereof) of any of the spirits on our tour. Just saying...
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GHOSTLY PHOTO 5                     

ghost photo

 Peering into the former Bass Rutledge drugstore this guest caught what appears to initially be 

ghost photonothing but empty space. However, in the second photograph she caught an unexplained shadow that could not be contributed to anyone in the group. Was this simply a reflection of someone's silhouette or did one of the spirits of Moore Avenue decide to drop in and make their appearance known? That's up to you to decide. 

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There is an interesting story behind this building and a light tht seems to 3come on for no reason that we can explain. The first year the tour operated there was initially no power to the building. Shortly after the tour.season started we noticed that electricity was ordered for the building due to a new meter that was installed. 

Initially, the light was not on in the building. Suddenly, we noticed that the light would come on when we were at the building. It would stay on for days afterwards. Then the light started turning itself on and off while we were visiting the outside of the building with our guests. We cannot see any sort of timer or motion ghost photosensor associated with it. We don't want to jump to conclusions, however, this light has intrigued our guests. 

Did I mention that during the second year of operation the light never ghost photocame on? Now it has a strange cycle of turning on and off during our tours. We cannot gain access to this building and even though we have heard that someone occupies the building for business, we have never seen anyone access the building. There has never been a car parked there either. It's a little strange but our guests are very intrigued by it. 

These photos were shot within 10 minutes of each other and show it turning itself on and off during a ghost phototour.

If this paranormal? We will let you decide for yourself.

Maybe the spirits there are just lighting out path? Thank you Warren for your photos!






How much is that ghost in the window? What do you think?ghost photo