Brenda Newby, Founder Terrell Paranormal Ghost Walk


After suffering a serious autoimmune illness in 2012, Brenda had more questions about what came after this world than she did answers. By chance, a photograph snapped by Mary Jo Woodruff in Brenda's presence one evening in Jefferson, Texas captured an apparition. This led her to conduct extensive research into the paranormal. and because she was no longer suited to traditional employment , Brenda sought out ways to use the paranormal as a business model. She is determined to help people understand that what comes after this world is a beautiful thing, and...

Mary Jo Woodruff

Mary Jo Woodruff, Lead Investigator; Tour Guide; Artist

Mary Jo Woodruff has always had a fascination for the paranormal. She boasts a 30 year career with the federal government, and in retirement she began to explore the otherworldly after capturing a photo of an apparition that had been reported for over 100 years in Jefferson, Texas.  Also, Mary Jo is an extraordinarily talented artist.  Her own line of paranormal giclee prints are available for purchase at the Terrell Paranormal headquarters and on our website. She is part owner of Terrell Paranormal and lead investigator for S.P.I.R.I.T...

Dayton Gardner Ghost Tour Director

Dayton Gardner, Investigator; Tour Guide; Audio/Visual Tech

Dayton is also co-owner of Terrell paranormal. He is the primary reason the SPIRIT investigation team was formed. Dayton was along for the trip when the notorious photograph of the man in the Garden Grove was snapped by Mary Jo.  Since he was 14 years old, Dayton has been investigating paranormal activity and has become extraordinarily comfortable with the spirits on the other side. He's always had a fascination with the paranormal, but it's become his new normal since his whole family is involved....

Desiree with Boomer Haunts Terrell


Desiree is the newest member to the Terrell Paranormal family. A longtime family friend and a huge supporter of our small business. Desiree came to help with miscellaneous tasks and wound up becoming part of our family. Desiree is involved in all aspects of marketing events, including heading fundraising projects and event coordinator.

Desiree is an active Boy Scout leader, having raised five of her own boys that range in age from college to kindergarten. Desiree has been a National Youth Leadership training facilitator and has participated in many adult leadership...

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