Are you just stopping through town for a quick visit on the way to another destination?

Got business in town that requires an overnight stay and you need something fun to do on your evening off?

Have a group of family in and you want to show them a unique experience they will continue to talk about? (Aren't you an amazing host/hotess? Yes, you are!)

Know a fellow ghost enthusiast that is celebrating a special occasion  out? (If so, please let us know because we do like to cause a big scene make a big celebratory announcement for the guest of honor?)

Details on Private Ghost and Historic Tours


Great for Youth Groups and Fundraising Opportunities

Got a special group like a sports team, marching band, scouts, or another organization that deserves a fun reward for all of their hard work at camp/practice/notsettingthemselvesonfire? We'll even provide s'mores ON THE HOUSE provided in our comfy courtyard. (By that, we mean they are free. We will not require them to eat them on top of the house.)

(Also ask us about our fundraising opportunities. Scouts can complete for several merit badge requirements by taking our tour)

Flexible Scheduling

Private Tours are affordable and can usually be put together fairly quickly at your preferred time and convenience (in some cases, the same day) by one of our tour guides. Please contact us as soon as you are interested and we can make arrangements for you immediately.

Locations: A couple of points to remember when scheduling a private tour...

During the day (Tuesday through Saturday) many of the businesses that we cover are open for regular hours (until 5 PM) so it is easier to walk in and visit. Most businesses encourage you to take photographs and are happy to answer any questions about their experiences. Who knows, if the Spirits are willing then you might have an experience yourself. No promises but Terrell is full of surprises!

Of course, you always have access to the haunted, historic Brin Building, where Terrell Paranormal is located. This place is always a great place to go to work in because the Spirits are considerate enough to share their space with us and make themselves known quite often. Photography is HIGHLY encouraged. 


Private Tours are $20 per person with a minimum of 2 people. Unless it is for a special organization such as a sport or school activity we do not accept complimentary or discounted tickets for private tours. Please call in advance for those rates.

To Schedule

In order to schedule a private tour, please contact us directly at 972-325-7254 and let us find a great tour guide that will best fit your group!  You can also contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Facebook too.