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Terrell Paranormal is a proud member of Duke University's: Rhine Research Program, the most prestigious Parapsychology Program in the world. We stake our reputation on having the most reliable, accurate, and legitimate Mediums available.

Terrell Paranormal promises that all of our Psychic Mediums are:

Experienced experts with strong backgrounds, 

Team member vetted, tested and approved,

Background checked,


Hired based on honesty, integrity, transparency, ability to be humble and compassionate, and has a personality that our clients will connect with,

Not to use tarot cards or other tools of divination to communicate,* 

Every session is relaxed and feels like you are speaking with an old friend.



We have a medium available most weekends for appointments. We do schedule appointments outside of these hours if you call us in advance Or click the link to:



We also offer group readings, private readings, and readings for private parties at your home or at our headquarters. 



During Your Reading you can expect:

Validation: that they are communicating with your loved one. This may come in many ways. It may be an inside joke, a personality characteristic, or something that only you and that person would be aware of. The validation is usually specific enough that you will undoubtedly know they have communicated with someone on the other side that you know. We ask that you do not provide any details until the Medium has validated your loved one.
The Message: No matter who comes through for you they will have a message for. It may be reassurance that they are safe and at peace on the other side. Sometimes it is more specific. Your loved one may want you to take something out to honor them, they may suggest you carry on a tradition, they may offer support for your life path, or they may ask that you check in on another relative still in the physical world. No matter what the message may be... it will be delivered.

Questions about Psychic Medium Readings:

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section about how a psychic reading works. If you have more questions please contact our office.

Assure there is no Bias:

Our business office handles all Medium inquiries and appointments in order to prevent unintended bias during readings. We also try to only collect basic information from you so that you know that you are not researched ahead of time.

ALL COMMUNICATIONS between the Terrell Paranormal office and your session with our Psychic Mediums will be treated as confidential and your needs honored and treated with sensitivity. 

Disclaimer: Our Mediums do not choose whose Spirit comes through for you. They are simply the catalyst for Spirit. We ask that you come in with no expectations. We do promise that you will always get the message that you are supposed to get and that you NEED. When you walk away from your session you will know that is true. We honor your time and resources and will never make suggestions that cost you more time and money. It is important to us that you get what you need during the first session. If you decide to come back then it is your choice and you are fully in control of the session. Honesty and transparency are our goals to you to help your healing process. 

"I feel like I have found my people." -Toni (Medium Client)


Please contact the office and speak to one of our staff. We are happy to help in any way that we can. If we don't have an answer for you then we will find out.


Reaching out to a Medium is a courageous thing and we get asked all sorts of questions. We are glad to address concerns and treat them seriously.


 *Tarot Card readings are available upon request.


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