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Business Office Hours:
Because we cannot teleport like some of our other Spirits in Terrell we have a hard time being everywhere at once. Therefore, due to the nature of our business we keep unusual & sometimes unpredictable business hours. Our objective is to be present when we are most needed by our clients and guests.  Although paranormal activity takes place at all times of day and night you will find that most of our events are held when it is quietest (usually late evenings). 
Ordinarily, we try to be in the office Monday through Friday from approximately noon until 5 PM and on Saturdays we have varied hours depending upon what events we may be hosting that day.  We do answer the phones during those hours in case you are trying to reach us. If for some reason you don't catch us by phone during business hours, please feel free to leave us a message at 972-325-7254 as we are likely on the other line or just stepped away briefly. You may also text us at 469-414-2199. We try to make our website detailed enough to answer most questions that arise but we are always happy to answer questions. 
WE WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU! So, if you would like to come by to talk about your case or shop our small retail area or simply ask some questions then just call us! We will set up a time to meet you on your schedule. That way it is easy for you, our most treasured guest!
Now, if you happen to be in the neighborhood and want to stop by, swing by the back of the Brin Building and see if our gate is open and our sign in out. If that's the case, then we welcome you to come on in and say, "Howdy" or "Boo".


Terrell Paranormal is proud to share the office location at Morgan Miller's Farmers Insurance Agency.   You can access our office through the posterior portion of the building or come into the Farmers office front door during regular Farmer's business hours. 8PM-5PM Mon-Fri

 Terrell Paranormal Access: You can directly access our office from the back parking lot. (We do recommend calling first just in case we are out with a client) If our gate is open and our sign is out feel free to come on through the courtyard to the door. No need to knock. We enjoy guests. Please note that our business hours are unpredictable at times due to the nature of our business. We are always present for the our advertised events and are available for appointments at your convenience. 

Enter through the white gate & courtyard directly behind the fabulous blue dumpster. We do not have permanent signage up yet but will soon. Please contact us if you have any problems finding us. Our gate is directly to the right (East side) of the Brin Opera House stairwell. If the gate is locked, we have stepped out, (We recommend a phone call first as we do keep unusual business hours) 972-546-7536 (Voice Only) or you can text us at 469-464-1188.
Our Physical Address is:   
106 East Moore Street, Terrell, TX 75160    
For all of your insurance needs we strongly recommend and support
Morgan Miller's Farmers Insurance Agency.
Contact Morgan at his website or by phone at 972-524-3001.