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Shadow Figure visits me

It is very rare that a Paranormal Investigator gets to lay their eyes on an actual ghost or spirit. It is the 'holy grail' of a ghost hunter and anytime we have that experience there is an excitement, exhilaration, and even though you know what you saw, you still question your own testimony. This was the case the other night at the Terrell Paranormal headquarters in the old historic, haunted Brin Building. (Come and visit us on the Terrell Ghost Walk one night to see the building for yourself).

Why, Thank You, Mrs. Brin. Glad You Like My New Dress!

I have a limited number of options when it comes to dressing due to the immense amount of swelling I have each day. Well, early yesterday I was in World Market and found the most incredible dresses that were lightweight and the coveted, "One-Size Fits All'. To make it even better, they were 75% off! A good woman loves a great deal.

I threw on one of my new dresses and was feeling like a million bucks! Off to the Terrell Ghost Walk for check-in with my son and husband. Once we got there we went through the regular routine and we were hearing some unexplained...

EVP at Haunted brin building

EVP Evidence of the Ghosts that Haunt the Old Brin Building

During a quick training session for our newest investigator, Desiree, I sat down with her and decided to go through some of the tactics for collecting EVP evidence, commonly referred to as 'ghost or spirit voices'. Electronic voice phenomenon or EVPs are voices captured on a digital audio recorder that isn't ordinarily heard with the human ear. Instead, you perform an 'Electronic Voice Phenomenon' session with a few special pieces of equipment that you plug that free computer software so it can be analyzed it both by audio and visual sight...

Brin safe haunted objects

The Brin Store Safe

In 1895 Phillip Brin and S.L.Dey owned businesses at the SE corner of E. Moore Ave and Catherine Street.  Next door to the East (currently occupied by Morgan Miller Farmer's Insurance), was a saloon and billiards hall.   When a fire broke out inside the saloon the adjacent businesses owned by Brin and Dey were heavily damaged.  Brin rebuilt his store, "The Brin Store," on the same plot. This new structure was three stories tall with his store on the ground floor, offices on the second floor, and the third floor a grand opera house with the capacity to seat 600 guests.  With his high regard for fire safety, he installed fire hydrants and ample fire hose inside the building.  The original Brin Opera House building is standing today, restored and remodeled...



Terrell Paranormal Headquarters is located (with Morgan Miller's Farmers Agency) within the historical, haunted Brin Building. Visit this building during the TERRELL GHOST WALK and have a chance to take photographs, run your audio recorders, or simply explore to see if you might have an experience yourself. 

We only have a small handful of stories up right now about our experiences in the Haunted Brin Building but there are many, many more. STAY UP-TO-DATE ON OUR EMAIL LIST or FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK to stay up-to-date on the latest stories we post and our new experiences.


The tour had just come through last night and stopped at the office, located in the Brin Building. It was a small tour and we were busy cutting up and laughing. Nothing spectacular happened. They left to complete the tour and I  locked the front door behind them and went back to my desk. It was only a couple of minutes after they left that I began to hear a lot of racket coming from the front room where Morgan Miller's Farmer's office is. I immediately spoke out to acknowledge that I knew the ghost was there and that I appreciated him/her letting me know,  but I had work to do...


When we started the tour a couple of years ago we were collecting stories from the local business owners regarding any paranormal activity. We were desperate for any accurate stories that would delight and make our guests say, “Wow”. Well, I approached Morgan Miller at the Farmers Insurance Agency and, even though he believed in spirits and was in the historic Brin Building, he only had one real story that could be  “possible” as a ghost story...

Medium Accurate Psychic haunted objects

Medium Impressions of the Brin Building and the Safe

We often use Mediums to provide us with information on our investigations. We do not share any information with them prior to their initial walk-through. The Mediums do not communicate with each other. Our job is to prevent any bias they may have so that we get accurate data from them. 

Multiple Mediums have walked through the building and received impressions of the Brin Store Safe.  At times, they get impressions other Mediums have not gotten there.   However, there are always...