I ask myself that question every day, "What is it about a haunted house?" What makes a paranormal investigator want to expose the ghosts, spirits, energies, whatever is haunting someone's home or business? One's curiosity about the old home up the street, sitting behind an ancient wrought iron fence, seemingly vacant, and yet -- not vacant; stories of flitting lights seen behind decaying curtains upstairs; sounds of faint laughter and perhaps even a faded apparition peeking out of the window in the gable; all feed our hunger for haunted houses. (Appropriate creepy music.)

Ghost Story

There are two sides to every ghost story

We have a case that we are working this afternoon that came to us recently.  Normally, we have a lengthy screening process for our cases because the length of work that goes into each one and often it turns out that the person who calls for the investigation has intentions that we don’t agree with. Some folks just want to ‘ghost hunt’ or have their location associated with a haunting for egotistical purposes. However, this case seemed different. We knew immediately that the client wanted nothing more than to have the spirit 


A Frightening Ghost Story That We All Learned From


I primarily shoot still digital photographs during an investigation and as documentation during other activities such as scouting potential investigation sites, documenting positions and perspective at a site, and recording team activities My current "weapon" of choice is a Samsung NX2000, 20.3 mp. But at the time of this particular investigation I was using a Samsung point and shoot, 16 mp, no frills, but hardy and faithful. And on a tripod. The client in this case had reported a frightening shadow figure seeming to peer into

ghost stories walk dallas

Musings of a Paranormal Investigator

In today's environment the bona fide, serious, respectful investigative team deals with many misrepresentations, thanks in part to popular television series which are driven by ratings.  And ratings are driven in large part by drama consisting of dark spirits, evil, angry, demons from the other side, wanting to avenge a murderous demise or implied wrongdoing.  During our years of investigating perceived paranormal activity in homes and businesses we have encountered few such spirits.  It is wise to be prepared, certainly, but it is NOT the norm.  As if there is a "norm" in this business!

Without a doubt, most of our findings reveal a loving family member, extended family, or prior resident wanting to be acknowledged, sometimes even accepted as a benign housemate.  Perhaps the prior deceased owner is not fond of the remodeling taking place; perhaps they want the family photos returned to their proper place; or Grandmother's quilt removed from that trunk and displayed with pride; or an uncle's ashes properly put to rest.

Waxahachie Catfish Plantation

Be Polite, You're Not in a Barn - Catfish Plantation - Waxahachie, Texas

Much is said about the haunted restaurant in Waxahachie, TX, The Catfish Plantation. It is considered one of the most haunted buildings in Texas, if not the United States. Living and having family and friends in the area have made me privy to many stories, some personal, of strange experiences while dining there. At one time the owners kept scrapbooks of photographs and personal stories shared by diners at the front desk. And believe me, there were a lot! One of the current paranormal...

Alien Abduction


It started innocently enough. Strange is our business. We’ve heard everything. We have listened to countless stories of elementals that appear as gnomes or trolls. We hear about partial apparitions floating through rooms, disembodied noises, objects moving in front of someone’s eyes, and more. So, when I got a call about a woman who had, along with her mother, seen a female apparition by the side of her bed, I didn’t think that much about it. I scheduled the obligatory client interview...


Looking for an enchanted haunted hotel in Dallas? Look no further than the luxurious and historical, haunted Adolphus Hotel on lower Commerce Street in downtown Dallas. It's among many of the admittedly haunted hotels in Dallas, and inTexas. There is a lot of Texas folklore surrounding the Adolphus Hotel. It was built in 1912 by the founder of the Anheuser-Busch Company, and at one timewas the tallest building in the State. Many celebrities, statesmen, and foreign dignitaries have graced its' rooms. I recall watching from an office in a nearby

Terrell State Hospital

Terrell State Hospital, A Haunted Hospital?

Terrell State Hospital (TSH), originally named The North Texas Lunatic Asylum, was opened in Terrell, TX in 1885 for the treatment of the mentally ill. At one time it was the largest such facility West of the Mississippi River. It was built one mile NE of the new town, and the railroad station at Terrell made access easy from other parts of the State. As the Asylum grew it was renamed Terrell State Hospital (1925), and became a large employer in the area. There is a cemetery on the grounds, "Wildwood Cemetery," where deceased patients without family to

the haunted excelsior hotel in jefferson texas

Two to a Room, Please... The Haunted Excelsior Hotel in Jefferson, TX

Daughter, Grandson, his friend, and I splurged on two rooms at this historical and reputedly haunted hotel in Jefferson, Texas. Jefferson is famous for its colorful history, lovely homes, bed and breakfasts, and yes, ghosts! This small East Texas town has hundreds of documented ghostly apparitions and paranormal events. One of the hottest attractions is the Historical Jefferson Ghost Walk, and another is the Excelsior House. The rates there will scare you silly before you ever get to your room. My daughter and I shared a downstairs room, the "Victorian Room," which featured a door opening