I have been sitting here in limbo waiting for a sign from God to tell me what direction to go. I haven't gotten it yet so I guess he thinks I can make the decision on my own now. LOL. Here's the scoop... Most of you are aware that I am currently not able to walk due to a spine surgery complication. This has been difficult for the tour. Also, we had to leave the beautiful Brin building because the man who allowed us to share his space was provided some amazing opportunities. I have been in conflict as to what I should do with the tour. I thought I would abandon it and finish my book and online classes. That way I didn't have to physically work around my wheelchair. Once I made the decision I started to realize that the Terrell Ghost Walk had already taken on a life of its own and that nothing I will do will stop its growth. People will continue to show up to hear the stories of this quaint little Texas town and want to have an experience of their own. Because of that, I realized that I always said, "I'll show up as long as they keep showing up." I feel like if I give up then I have failed to continue the legacy like I promised. So, arrangements have been made to keep it going in spite of my inability to be there. The right person has stepped up to carry out the tour and help with the preparation and delivery of the information. She's experienced, she's a Medium, and maybe one day the tour will be hers if my son wants to pursue other options.for his future. As long as the appropriate kindness is shown to the living and departed in Terrell that is equal to the kindness they have shown me then I am all for letting someone breath new life into my project. It was because of this business I have survived dealing with my catastrophic health issues.